The Connected World: Blurring the Boundary between Real and Virtual Objects – Professor Ella Pereira

23rd Feb 2017, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Edge Hill University

media app icons flying around globe on tablet computer

The Connected World: Blurring the Boundary between Real and Virtual Objects

Access to information and computational resources anywhere, anytime, is fast becoming an expectation in people’s everyday life. The fact that ‘On-Demand Computing’ as a concept was introduced less than two decades ago is easily forgotten.

Society’s dependence on technology has far exceeded what was envisaged at the beginning of the 21st century. What we now strive to achieve is a virtual world that can accurately monitor and manage the real world of interconnected objects, acting on behalf of humans to enhance their lives.

Drawing on her knowledge and experience in distributed systems and software engineering, Professor Ella Pereira will examine the effects of the interconnected world in her Inaugural Lecture. Ella will explore what the future connected world might look like, concluding with some challenging questions.

Professor Pereira became a Professor of Computing at Edge Hill University in August 2015. Ella has an extensive background in Mechanical Engineering, publishing widely in journals, conferences and books. She has served as a chair and programme committee member for many international events and edited for specialist journals. Ella has a growing research interest in deploying the ‘connected world’ technology for health and wellbeing of people.