Faculty of Education Research Seminar

12th Jan 2017, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Faculty of Education


Why Lesson Study is Professional Learning for Our Time – Professor Pete Dudley, University of Leicester 



The past 20 years has seen a revolution in teacher professional learning in the West with the increase in what is now known about ‘teacher learning’ and the kinds of CPD that make the biggest difference to pupil learning and classrooms. Lesson Study (LS) first began to feature in this discourse in the UK around about the turn of the century following the publication of ‘The Teaching Gap’ (Stigler and Hieber, 1999). The ‘rise and rise’ of LS as some have termed it has been slow but steady following the discovery that LS not only meets all the criteria thrown up by recent research into effective teacher learning as well as school and system improvement, but also that there is a long and rich history of LS to tap into in Japan and China and that teachers seem to love it. In my talk I will discuss the history and evolution of LS as it has crossed from East to West, but also go into why it works so well for teachers and why it is so pertinent for teacher practice knowledge development, school development and ultimately system level improvement.

Professor Pete Dudley is Director of Education in Camden. A teacher, leader, writer and researcher, he taught in Primary and Secondary schools for many years before moving into system level work with leadership roles at local and national levels in the fields of teacher learning and school and system improvement. Prof Dudley introduced Lesson Study (LS) to the UK in 2001 and has led its development ever since. Around a fifth of the country’s schools now have LS in their repertoire of CPD and its components have recently been written into the first National CPD Standard. Prof Dudley’s PhD on LS was runner up in BERA’s 2013 Doctoral Awards and his book ‘Lesson Study: Professional Learning for our time’ (Routledge) is now out in paperback. He is also President of the World Association of Lesson Studies.

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