Inaugural Lecture – Professor Sally Spencer

2nd Feb 2017, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Edge Hill University

Sally Spencer 1[1]

What is The Game, Who Are the Players and How Do We Win? The Journey from Research to Changes in Healthcare

Professor Sally Spencer is Director of Clinical Research for the Postgraduate Medical Institute. Sally joined the University in Autumn 2015 with the aim of driving the growth of research activity within the Faculty of Health and Social Care, and across the wider University, through collaboration with external public and private sector organisations relevant to healthcare.

Professor Spencer’s Inaugural lecture will evaluate the development and delivery of health research, relevant to practice and patients across the research cycle. Sally will illustrate this using personal experiences of developing person-centred outcome measures and their measurement in randomised controlled trials. She will also explore the role of trials in the development of evidence-based practice and facilitating multi-disciplinary cross-sectoral research.

Sally’s main research areas have largely involved the measurement of outcomes in clinical trials and the development and uptake of evidence-informed practice. As an Editor for two Cochrane collaboration groups (Dementia and Airways), she is directly involved in the generation of high quality evidence for healthcare and is a grant holder on two clinical trials funded by the National Institute for Health Research. Over recent years her career has focused on the collaborative nature of health research and the need for multi-professional partnerships based on the identification of common goals. She is a member of the board for the Innovation Agency and sits on the Liverpool City Region Health and Life Sciences Board.

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