ICE Public Event

18th Nov 2016, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

The Arts Centre



Deconstructing Gender – Being Human: Festival of the Humanities

An afternoon event where gender fluidity will be addressed, incorporating a recently made documentary film, workshops and discussions.

By focusing on the new documentary, ‘Deconstructing Zoe’, researched, produced and directed by the Department of Media’s Rosa Fong, this event will offer insights into how senses of gender, race and identity are performed, socially constructed and have multiple expressions.

‘Deconstructing Zoe’ (dir. Rosa Fong; UK; 52 mins; 2015) is an intimate portrait of a transgender actor, and an exploration of gender, race and sexuality, seen through Zoe’s eyes.  The film carries an important message to us all, that gender is not fixed or binary, but for some is a spectrum and that at any one time we can be gender queer and sexually fluid.

Speakers include Rosa Fong, Zoe, plus others (tbc).

Presented by the Department of Media with the support of ICE as part of the 2016 ‘Being Human: Festival of the Humanities’


  • 1.30pm – Registration
  • 2.00pm – Event Start
  • 5.00pm – Close

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