Biology Public Lecture Series 2016

25th Oct 2016, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Technology Hub


Pregnant woman considering the choice of healthy and unhealthy food

Prenatal programming- you are what your mum eats – Dr Jayne Charnock

Jayne is a Lecturer in Biology, with a special interest in pregnancy and its related diseases. Her research has previously focused on the development and role of the placenta and the treatment of Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR). Impaired development of the placenta is strongly associated with a number of pregnancy complications and poor neonatal health, as well as having important implications for the life-long wellbeing of the baby. Jayne will discuss how maternal diet, amongst other factors, is known to directly impact on baby’s health and even their childhood behaviour. Come along to find out how eating too much liquorice whilst pregnant could cause ADHD in infants, why a mum’s low protein diet is linked to heart disease in adulthood, as well as all of the more useful things you can do with a placenta in a laboratory, (opposed to eating it) after delivery! Jayne will discuss her plans to research how external factors such as nutrition, during the very earliest stages of pregnancy, impact on the developing placenta, and therefore the baby, with important implications for IVF procedures.

Arrival is from 17:00 with food and refreshments in the Biosciences Foyer with the public lecture at 17:30 in B001, Business School. For more information please email

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