I4P Public Lecture

12th Oct 2016, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Edge Hill University

Street protest

“The Role and Relevance of Interdisciplinary Research in Community Activism in a Post Brexit United Kingdom” – Dr Ornette D Clennon, Manchester Metropolitan University

The fight for social justice within our most deprived communities has historically always been fraught but even more so within the context of Austerity. However, with the societal fault lines that have been exposed by the recent Brexit vote, Dr Ornette D Clennon will discuss the increasing importance of scholar activism in not only researching but also facilitating the dynamic process of building sustainable communities towards social justice.

Using his research as case studies, Dr Clennon will outline the growing need for the role of the “Flipped Academic” where he combines academic research, creative participatory activities and social enterprise into interdisciplinary research that alongside mutually beneficial knowledge co-production also attempts to produce real agency for communities.


  • 5.30pm – Registration and Refreshments
  • 6.00pm – Lecture
  • 7.00pm – Reception and Networking

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