I4P Conference

15th Sep 2016, 10:00am - 5:30pm

Creative Edge

Market Granby4Streets - 6 June 2015

This policy event aims to bring together all the different stakeholders in Liverpool and Toxteth in terms of migration, social cohesion and the physical environment in Liverpool, and in Toxteth more particularly. It is part of the British Academy funded project titled ‘Bringing the aesthetics in: migrants’ relationship with urban space in Toxteth’ (2015-16), which looks at the way urban dwellers, both locals and migrants, experience belongingness to urban space, and the effect that aesthetics have on this dynamic.

With Liverpool being one of the fastest diversifying cities in the UK (Census 2011), and Toxteth one of its distinct localities, this is a timely and policy-relevant event, which puts particular emphasis on those working on the ground in the area.

Further information and the conference programme is available here

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