Seminar – Dr Murali Krishna

9th May 2016, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

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‘Lifecourse Approach to Dementia’

This seminar, by Dr Murali Krishna will discuss assessment and management of older adults with dementia. Focusing on life course risk factors for cognitive impairment in later life; those in low and middle income settings; and care for community dwelling older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease.

This discussion will be supported by epidemiology and evidence based practice, including work from his Wellcome DBT Alliance Fellowship, and as Head of the MYNAH studies (Mysore Studies of Natal Effect on Health and Ageing).

Dr Murali Krishna is a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiologist from CSI Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore, India.  He graduated from the Mysore Medical School and completed his basic and higher specialist training in Psychiatry in University of Cambridge and Liverpool in the UK. He has considerable experience is clinical practice, research and is extensively published.

He worked as a specialist in providing dementia care to the community dwelling older adults with Alzheimers Disease in North Wales in the UK. He received Wellcome DBT Alliance fellowship to examine the early life origins and lifecourse risk factors for cognitive impairment  in late life in the Mysore Birth Records Cohort in India. This is a unique cohort in a low and middle income setting with detailed assessments for cardiometabolic disorders in adult life.  He heads the MYNAH studies ( MYsore Studies of Natal Effect on Health and Ageing ) in south India and works in collaboration with  the MRC Lifecourse Epdiemiology Unit ,University of Southampton and Institute of Psychiatry, London.