Frack Off! – a Rehearsed Reading

25th Feb 2016 - 7:30pm

The Arts Centre

Frack off
Thursday 25th February 7.30pm
The Fabulous Lancashire Revels present a Rehearsed Reading of Frack Off!
A Contemporary Commedia about Shale and Ale

FREE admission. No tickets required, just turn up.

Godzilla Inc. has been granted permission to Frack for Shale Gas under the village of Maybe-in-Eden. The village successfully blockades itself, and the police, unable to enforce the new lax drilling rights, sends in an informer, an agent provocateur, under an assumed identity.

Music will be played, little revolutions carried out, and an awful of lot of dirty linen will be washed in public.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the performance of Frack Off at The Rose Theatre on the 25th of February will be more of a rehearsed reading and less of a polished final product. Though scripts will be in evidence on stage, so will gags, humour, formidable acting skills and devious plans and counter-plans. The show will now be FREE to all, and is nevertheless highly worth investigating as the company tread the tightrope between hard edged politics and timeless farce.