Ethnicity, Race, and Racism Seminar

17th Feb 2016, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Edge Hill University - Main Building

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© Quinn Dombrowski <>

Integrating Antisemitism into Teaching Sociological Theory – Dr Marcel Stoetzler, Bangor University

Venue: M46, Main Building

Sociological theory is often taught as if it was all about constructing, classifying and comparing (in fact meta-theoretical) models of ‘theory-building’, and looking at school-formation etc. However, theory is always theory of something, and sociological theory is the theory of modern society. Race and ethnicity in general, and antisemitism in particular are not the best developed areas of sociological theory, as these issues tend to be exiled into the sub-discipline of race and ethnicity studies, but there are ways to look at sociological theory from a perspective of how it relates to antisemitism. The talk will point to some examples.

Marcel Stoetzler is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Bangor University. He works on social and political theory, intellectual history and historical sociology, especially in the areas of antisemitism, liberalism and nationalism, as well as feminist theory, critical theory (‘Frankfurt School’) and contemporary readings of Karl Marx. His publications include the edited volume Antisemitism and the Constitution of Sociology (University of Nebraska Press, 2014) and The State, the Nation and the Jews. Liberalism and the Antisemitism Dispute in Bismarck’s Germany (University of Nebraska Press, 2008). He serves on the editorial board of Patterns of Prejudice. He has held an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2003-4) and a Simon Fellowship (2006-9). He has previously taught at the universities of Greenwich, Oxford Brookes, Sussex and Manchester.

This event is part of a new series on ‘Education’ organised by EHU’s Ethnicity, Race, and Racism Seminar for 2015/2016. For further information, please go here