The Bastard Queen

28th Apr 2015 - 7:30pm

Rose Theatre

The Bastard Queen New

Tuesday 28th April 7.30pm
Naughty Corner Productions present The Bastard Queen

A cleverly written blend of horrifying humour and light-hearted wit.

The Bastard Queen follows the last small community in a post apocalyptic world whose attempts to cling to their former life are both understandable and ludicrous. Whether it be watching a cardboard box or operating it with a shoe, they have a veil of normality that has not truly been lifted. The same can be said for the audience as the Beckett-like conversational humour wraps you up in a warm feeling of familiarity, and for a while at least it seems to be shaping up as a heart-warming tale of people’s attitudes overcoming extraordinary adversity.

That is, until a new arrival appears, trying to steal their supplies. Unwittingly she shatters the fragile coexistence of the group as she is begrudgingly accepted. Once the veil has been lifted there seems to be no going back as each character is taken apart, examined, and reconstructed in front of us to show a true reflection of the dark depths humanity is capable of sinking to when deluded, delirious and desperate.

The story is supported by a both a soundtrack that expertly exemplifies, or in some cases juxtaposes, the goings on, and some truly outstanding acting that sells the whole validity of the play.

The Bastard Queen is a wonderful new piece of theatre showing a boiled down society on the brink of destruction. Devised, directed and performed by graduates of Edge Hill University, now known as Naughty Corner Productions. Not only was the play performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, The Bastard Queen finished top of the pile, joint-winner of the Sunday Times National Student Drama Festival Award.

An incredibly well acted free form play with punchy and funny dialogue and a great soundtrack and set. A very worthy joint winner of our Edinburgh Award 2014.”   Michael Brazier (Director & CEO of NSDF)

Contains strong language and adult themes which some people might find offensive. Recommended for aged 18 years plus

Edge Hill graduates win prestigious award at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Tickets: £10 / £8 concessions / £5 Edge Hill University students
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