Once Upon a Time in Ormskirk

21st Jan 2015 - 7:30pm

Rose Theatre

Once Upon a Time in Ormskirk
Wednesday 21st January 7.30pm
The (fabulous) Lancashire Revels present Once Upon a Time in Ormskirk

The finest actors in all the world for Comedie, Tragedie, Tragedie-Comedie, Pastoral, Sit-Com, Tragi-comical Pastoral Sit-Com and for brave-hearted folks of all ages.

Edge Hill’s undergraduate Comedia dell’Arte Company, under the leadership of the legendary Olly Crick, present an evening of bold thigh-slapping story-telling in the aforementioned traditions.

Tickets £5 and Gratis (i.e. free) to Edge Hill University Students – so you’d better hurry