Faculty of Education Research Seminar

16th Jan 2015, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Faculty of Education



What can genetic research offer to education? – Dr Kathryn Asbury, University of York 

Dr Asbury will discuss what genetic research can and can’t offer to education, drawing examples from twin and adoption studies, molecular genetics and gene-environment interplay research. She will consider the ethical, as well as practical, implications of taking heritability into account in any discussion of education. In particular she will describe a study which used a large sample of identical twins to identify environmental influences on young people at the end of their compulsory education.

Dr Kathryn Asbury is a lecturer in the Psychology in Education Research Centre at the University of York. Her research explores environmental influences on pupil achievement, wellbeing and behaviour using genetically sensitive designs. She works closely with the Twins’ Early Development Study (TEDS) team at King’s College London and is also a peer reviewer for several academic journals.

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