Professorial Lecture Series 2013 – Department of Media

18th Mar 2013, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Edge Hill University

Professor Claire Molloy – It’s More Than Just Disney

Professor Claire Molloy’s work on animals, media and film was first published more than a decade ago. In this lecture she discusses the ‘animal turn’ in the humanities and the rise of ‘animal studies’, an interdisciplinary field which places animals at the centre of academic enquiry. Professor Molloy maps the contours of this emergent area of scholarship, tracing its points of contact with media, film and cultural studies. Drawing on examples from her own research, She reflects on Claude Lévi-Strauss’s famous dictum, ‘animals are good to think with’.

Claire Molloy was appointed Professor of Film, Television and Digital Media in August 2012. Prior to this, she held posts at universities in Liverpool and Brighton. Research interests include US cinema, film and politics, digital activism, environment, nature and animal ethics. She is the author and editor of four books, including Beyond Human: From Animality to Transhumanism (2012) and Popular Media and Animals (2011). A Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a co-founder of the Cultural Disability Studies Research Network,
Professor Molloy worked in the commercial photography, communications design, and video and film industries before moving to education in 1995.


  • 5.00pm – Arrival drinks
  • 6.00pm – Lecture
  • 7.00pm – Refreshments and networking

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