GenSex 2012-13 Workshop

12th Dec 2012, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Edge Hill University

GenSex Genders Health: Disabilities and the Discourses of Care

The second Gensex workshop of this academic year

Speakers include:

  • Dr Val Gant, Service User/Carer Coordinator, Faculty of Health and Social Care, Edge Hill University: ‘Involvement; Why bother service users and carers or why service users and carers bother?’
  • Max Zadow: Transgressive images and practical realities: how the disability gaze reflects divergent lives’

Workshop Abstracts:

  • ‘Involvement; Why bother service users and carers or why service users and carers bother? ‘Since the inception in 2003 of the degree based route for social work qualification, the General Social Care Council (GSCC), requires people who use social work services and carers to become involved in all aspects of a learners experience on qualifying social work programmes. This paper reports on a qualitative study designed to explore the motivations and challenges such involvement brings. The aim is to incorporate the voices of those involved and add to the discourse on user and carer involvement in higher education.
  • Transgressive Images and Practical Realities – how the Disability Gaze reflects divergent lives. This paper challenges current cultural stereotypes of disabled people in response to the notion that growing up as a disabled person means either accepting a totally disempowering version of who one is, or going beyond that to create a new identity. Our ‘mirror phase’ is followed by a refusal to be bound by the perception of society as well as a partial enslavement to it. The paper demonstrates that if we adapt Julia Kristeva, we can see that how disabled people are seen, the ‘disability gaze’ is designed to make them passive non-actors, and, by adapting Foucault, we can see that if disabled people are active, have a conventional life, this constitutes a transgressive act.