Faculty of Health and Social Care Guest Lecture – Gav Cross

6th Dec 2012, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

 A Life with Tom: One Family’s Journey through Service Land

Six year old Tom Cross died as a result of his complex health needs in 2006. This talk will be a personal reflection on the journey of Gav Cross, his dad, through the maze of services, challenges and more importantly, celebrations of the six years the Cross family had with Tom. It will also be a consideration of the journey after his death and a chance to consider the impact on the family.

Gav Cross was a full-time secondary school Drama teacher until his life changed and a work/carer/life balance had to be adjusted.  He has worked as a supply teacher, a freelance theatre practitioner and full time PA, carer and advocate for Tom with his wife Cathy.

After being involved with regards to his own family, Gav slowly moved into service development for disabled children. More recently, Gav has re-embraced his creative roots and now works as a trainer and creative artist for his wife at 4D Creative. Both of their professional lives have been influenced for the better by their life with Tom. They still live in Liverpool, with their children, Libby and Ned.

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