Free Public Lecture Series – (In)Security, Surveillance and the State

16th Feb 2012, 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Edge Hill University

Steve Hewitt – Informing
Controversy: The Renewed Relevance of Informers to Counter-Terrorism Operations
and the Controversy Surrounding Their Use

Dr Steve Hewitt
is a Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies at the University of
Birmingham and author of Snitch: A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer
(Continuum, 2010) and The British War on Terror: Terrorism and
Counter-Terrorism on the Home Front since 9-11 (Continuum, 2008).

In his lecture,
he will examine the use of informers in counter-terrorism intelligence. Since
the September 11 attacks, there has been recognition from Western intelligence
agencies and the police that technological surveillance has limitations when
dealing with close-knit groups of individuals linguistically and culturally
different from agency officers working on counter terrorism operations.  The use of informers, which has grown in both
the US and UK in recent years, presents challenges of its own, particularly
with relations between security agencies and ‘suspect communities’. This talk
will examine the renewed emphasis on informers, including the historical
context, reasons for their expanded use, and the implications surrounding this


  • 5.30 – Arrival
  • 6.30 – Lecture
  • 7.30 – Drinks and networking

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