Free GenSex Session on Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and David Beckham

23rd Nov 2011, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Business Learning Centre

Robert Busby, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Liverpool Hope University, will give
a paper entitled: ‘ “That Woman”: Clinton, Lewinsky and contemporary sex

The Clinton Lewinsky scandal of 1998-9 highlighted
the changing nature of the investigation of, prosecution of, and presentation
of a contemporary sex scandal in American politics. The strategies employed by
the Clinton White House in dealing with the scandal demonstrated that sex
scandals are no longer issues which create adverse public opinion statistics.
Rather the Clinton Lewinsky case highlighted the nature of popular tolerance of
consensual relationships, even given that the case study under consideration
involved marital infidelity.  The Clinton
White House strategy cast the President as the victim of an unjust intrusion
into his private life rather than the perpetrator of actions which might
destabilise his credibility and that of the office he held. This paper
considers how political strategy, gender portrayals and the changing nature of
public opinion created a political narrative which served to protect and
sustain Clinton’s tenure in the White House. 

Biography – Robert Busby is a Senior Lecturer in
politics at Liverpool Hope University. He has published in the fields of
political scandal, political communication and populism. His is currently
engaged in research into the resurgence of populism in the United States

Amelia Yeates, Lecturer in Art History, Liverpool Hope University, will give a
paper entitled: ‘David Beckham and queered contemporary masculinities’. 

This paper will explore images of David Beckham in
both fine art and popular culture and the responses they have attracted. I will
discuss the types of visual pleasures offered to viewers by images of Beckham,
and also consider how and why Beckham has retained his status as a
heteronormative masculine icon despite his continued appearance in homoerotic
images. I conclude by considering what ‘homo-friendly’ images of Beckham mean
for contemporary masculinities, in particular the degree to which they
represent a challenge to ‘hegemonic masculinity’

Biography – Amelia Yeates is Lecturer in Art
History and Liverpool Hope University. Her research interests are gender in
fine art, popular culture and literature across the nineteenth- and
twentieth-centuries. She is particularly concerned with representations of
masculinity during these periods and is currently co-editing a volume entitled
Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities. Her work on Beckham grows out of an interest in
contemporary masculinities, particularly at their intersection with visual and
popular culture. 

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