SOLSTICE eLearning & CLTR Conference

8th Jun 2011 - 12:00am

Faculty of Health and Social Care

Effective Practices: Enhancing Learning, Teaching and Student Success

This two-day event incorporates both the SOLSTICE & CLTR conferences and will focus on the enhancement of student learning through evidence informed practices.

The application and integration of knowledge by national and international delegates from multidisciplinary positions promises to lead to an excellent series of exchanges.

Day 1 – SOLSTICE Elearning – 8th June 2011

Day 1, the SOLSTICE 2011 eLearning Conference, will focus on effective practices from a Technology Enhanced Learning perspective and will build on the success of the previous SOLSTICE conferences which have run over the last 5 years.

Key themes will be:

  • Evidence of effective use of technologies in teaching for students learning;
  • Creative deployment of technologies to enhance the student experience;
  • Embedding technology in curriculum design;
  • Evidence informed TEL policy and practices;
  • Technologies and learning environments – physical and virtual spaces;
  • Theoretical bases of eLearning and learning environments that inform practice;
  • Using technologies to support challenges in learning and teaching and assessment;
  • Technologies and internationalisation of the student experience.

Day 2 – Learning and Teaching Research – 9th June 2011

Day 2, the CLTR 2011 Learning and Teaching Research Conference, will focus on innovation and development in higher education learning and teaching practice, which has been at the heart of the CLTR’s mission for the last 9 years.

Key themes will be:

  • Elaborating graduate attributes for the 21st century;
  • Student induction and transitions;
  • Making the first year experience a success;
  • Assessment for learning Retention focused practices;
  • Enhancing employability;
  • Skills and information literacy;
  • Reconfiguring teaching for an increasingly diverse student population;
  • Teaching and supporting international students;
  • Leading change in the teaching and learning arena;
  • Internationalisation and international students’ experiences;
  • Emerging challenges and improving student success.

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Phil Race (Emeritus Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University)
  • Mark Childs (Teaching Development Fellow in eLearning, Coventry University)
  • Becka Colley (Dean of Students / National Teaching Fellow 2010, University of Bradford)
  • Professor Tony Cook (Director of STAR Project / Professor of Teaching and Learning / National Teaching Fellow 2009, University of Ulster)

Call for Abstracts

Proposals for papers, workshops, demonstrations, presentations and posters are invited, aligned with the following:

  • Knowledge that has been applied and integrated to inform practice examples;
  • How we know and can predict that practices may work through using evidence;
  • What has been learned locally, nationally and internationally that may positively influence the student experience in the future?
  • Insights gained into existing challenges and into new research agendas that are unfolding;
  • Real examples that can be adopted adapted and developed by conference participants.

Proposals (up to 300 words) should be submitted via the electronic proposal form by 5pm on Monday 14th March 2011. Please also specify any technical requirements, and the type of contribution:

For further guidance on abstract criteria, visit the SOLSTICE eLearning & CLTR Cnference website.

How to Register

The conference is open to everyone working in further and higher education, both nationally and internationally.

You can register a place at the conference by completing the online electronic registration form.

Conference Fees

Delegates are able to select to attend all of the conference or book onto individual days and the conference dinner as appropriate.

  • Full conference (2 days) – £240
  • Day rate (1 day) – £125

A conference dinner will be held on the evening of Wednesday 8th June to enable delegates to network and enjoy the campus and surrounding areas. There is an additional charge of £40 to attend the dinner.

Further Information

Together SOLSTICE and CLTR have provided 15 conferences for participants to actively engage in debate, analysis of evidence and case studies of good practice.

SOLSTICE and the CLTR are mutually committed to enhancing teaching and learning practices and approaches to student support that are informed by and generative of research.

For further information on the SOLSTICE eLearning and CLTR Conference, visit or contact: