Second Roundtable on the Voluntary and Community Sector and the Cuts

19th May 2011 - 12:00am


Localism, The Sector and The Cuts – What Next?

Please note, attendance at this event is by invitation only.

Last autumn, Edge Hill University’s Centre for Local Policy Studies organised the first Roundtable on the ‘Voluntary and Community Sector and the Cuts’ which met in Manchester to discuss the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review on the Voluntary and Community Sector across the North West.

Together with Richard Caulfield (Voluntary Sector North West) and Stuart Speeden (Centre for Local Policy Studies), it was agreed to reconvene in the Spring to look at developments since and, in particular, to get a sense of the scale and impact of the cuts as councils made their budget decisions. The second Roundtable takes place on Thursday 19th May 2011.

Over the last few months much has happened – free schools have been announced, the Big Society initiative is still here and the big changes to health funding (and organisation), policing and education are still being absorbed and felt.

The policy, practice and politics of localism – how we understand it and how we are responding to it – promises to make a useful starting point for discussions. The consequences of the Comprehensive Spending Review and the Coalition’s particular brand of Localism (and how it fits with their other initiatives) provide us with a chance to think about what is happening locally and across the region. 

One of the important consequences of the present period is arguably how to retain the capacity to understand what is happening across the North West so that we can collate good intelligence to help make informed responses or to support local organisations and networks working across the region. It is intended that this meeting and the network of practitioners/activists/researchers and academics it brings together will help in that process.

A report will be published with details of the outcomes discussed and agreed at this event, which will be available to download via the Centre for Local Policy Studies’ website.

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