Poetry and Poetics Research Group: Philip Terry

31st Mar 2011, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Faculty of Education

Philip Terry will be reading from and talking about his versions of Shakespeare’s sonnets at an open meeting of the Poetry and Poetics Research Group on Thursday 31st March 2011 at Edge Hill University.

The OULIPO writers have been fascinating readers for many years now, whether through the novels of Italo Calvino or the masterpieces of Raymond Queneau, the teasing novels of George Perec or the poems of Jacques Roubaud.  Experimenting with constraints (‘Write a novel without using the letter e’ or replace every noun with the seventh word after it in the dictionary’, through to complex mathematical systems) they have been slowly changing the way much mainstream writing is written. The results are often hugely funny.

The main practitioners are French and it is appropriate that the best British writer to follow this school is also one of its most adept translators into English. Now Philip Terry will be visiting Edge Hill University for the first time to talk about his versions of Shakespeare’s sonnets. This hallowed work of literature is ransacked and re-written before our eyes. Come and see Philip read from and talk about the work – admission is free, all welcome.

Philip Terry was born in Belfast in 1962. He has taught at the universities of Caen, Plymouth and Essex, where he is currently Director of Creative Writing. His fiction, poetry and translations have been widely published in journals in Britain and America. His books include the celebrated anthology of short stories Ovid Metamorphosed (Vintage, 2000), Fables of Aesop (Gilliland Press, 2006) and the poetry collection Oulipoems (Ahadada, 2006). In 2008 Carcanet published his acclaimed translation of Raymond Queneau’s Elementary Morality. His latest Carcanet collection Shakespeare’s Sonnets was published in 2010.

You can view an anthology of English language Oulipo-influenced work, including material from Philip Terry, at http://ekleksographia.ahadadabooks.com/issuethree.