Ethnicity, Race and Racism Seminar: Dr Ben Gidley

21st Apr 2010 - 2:00pm

Edge Hill University

Chavs, Pikeys and East Europeans: New Racism in Twenty-First Century Britain

What does it mean to be white in today’s society is the big question that will be asked during a topical racism debate on Wednesday 21st April.

Chavs, Pikeys and East Europeans: New Racism in Twenty-First Century Britain, is the last in a series of four seminars on ethnicity, race, and racism led by Edge Hill University’s Department of English and History.

During the topical event, high-profile speaker Dr Ben Gidley from the University of Oxford will discuss today’s significant racial attitudes towards white Brits and how opinions have changed since the 1980s and 1990s.

He will explore how race goes beyond colour, which has implications for our understanding of race and for anti-racism. He will examine three key areas: the emergence of ‘xeno-racism’ – the racialisation of foreigners, regardless of physical race or culture, so that racially white Europeans are now the targets of criticism; the conditional or contingent inclusion of formerly non-white Britons, particularly those of British Commonwealth origin; and the racialisation of sections of the white working class around concepts such as the ‘pikey’ and ‘chav’.

Dr Gidleyis a Senior Researcher at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society and is the co-author of Turbulent Times: The British Jewish Community Today and Community Engagement and Community Cohesion. In 2008, he was co-organiser of the conference, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia: comparisons, contrasts, connections.

The free seminar starts at 2pm in Room M39 at the Ormskirk campus and is open to members of the public as well and students and academics.