Who’s Been Sitting In My Chair?

17th Apr 2010 - 2:30pm

The Arts Centre

Freehand Theatre present Who’s Been Sitting In My Chair?

Tickets £4.00 all.

A delightful and playful interpretation of a well-known tale – with porridge and bears and one-two-three chairs. A tale that’s not too BIG and not too small but just right.  Mind you, telling this story is not so easy when it’s wintertime and the bears won’t wake up – Zzzzzzzzz – what do bears dream about? But spring in the air puts a spring in all our steps and one little girl with golden hair is always a step ahead. And when Small Bear gets lost, we all have to go on a bear hunt!

With original music, this play is for everyone who can count to three – especially if you’re aged 3 to 7!

Freehand Theatre’s superb creations are a joy to see. They provide real and effective theatre” – Times Educational Supplement.

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