Ethnicity, Race and Racism Research Seminar: Jacob Norris

15th Feb 2010 - 1:00pm

Edge Hill University

‘Palestine and the World at the Onset of British Rule – The Case of Bethlehem’

At the beginning of the Twentieth-Century, Palestine and the Palestinians were often viewed in the West as a backward, melange of degenerate races. They were described by the British Government, which took control of Palestine in 1917, as nothing more than ‘non-Jewish communities’. It is still often assumed that Palestine and the Palestinians became ‘modern’ with the advent of British rule in the Holy Land.

In this seminar, the first in a series discussing ethnicity, race and racism from interdisciplinary perspectives without historical or geographical boundaries, Jacob Norris will draw on pioneering research that he has undertaken in Bethlehem, using archival sources and interviews. Based on this material, he will argue that there existed a complex and sophisticated Palestinian Diaspora that was very much a part of the modern world at the start of British rule.

Jacob Norris is a PhD student in the History Faculty at the University of Cambridge. He has published in the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, and has taught at Cambridge and Edge Hill. In September 2010 he will be appointed Randall Dillard Fellow at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

For further information on the seminar please contact Dr James Renton on 01695 584217 or email