Herstories: Hecuba

11th Dec 2009 - 6:00pm

Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool

Edge Hill University Performing Arts students perform Hecuba by Euripides at Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool on Friday 11th December, 6pm and Saturday 12th December, 8pm.

The Trojan War, its origins and aftermath, provides the raw material for so many of the great plays of Classical Greek theatre. Here a version of Hecuba’s story, perhaps more familiar from The Trojan Women seems to have particular relevance today, not just in its resonance with our own contemporary adventures in Asia, but more particularly in its forensic exploration of the anatomy of revenge and the way that one act of violent injustice begets another. In an era when the victims of war are overwhelmingly women, Euripides’ play seems prescient in its dyspeptic view of Homer’s heroes. Even a just war leaves in its wake a legacy of violence which echoes down generations, I can think of few plays which count the human cost so efficiently.

Tickets are priced at £6 adults and £4 concessions, available from the Rose Theatre Box Office at Edge Hill University (01695 584480) and on the day at the Contemporary Urban Centre, subject to availability. The performance is directed by Bill Hopkinson.

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