Lecture: The Crown Prosecution Service – The Voice for Victims

21st Oct 2009, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Business School

Former student and Senior Crown Prosecutor, Sally Weddell, is returning to campus to give a rare behind the scenes insight into the legal profession.

Sally has had a varied 20 year career in the CPS, from a graduate case worker progressing to high profile murder cases in the Old Bailey Homicide Unit. Currently, her role involves advising police on cases around the clock.

Sally said: ‘’I’m going to discuss my career progression and give some insights into working for the CPS. I’m also going to talk about some of the more high-profile cases that have particularly interesting legal aspects. One example is the well-known case in Islington when a man was stabbed to death on a bus for asking someone to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend. That ended up being mired in mental health issues, which caused lots of issues for the legal team.”

”I’m still driven by fairness and the desire to see justice done. People perceive the prosecution as the bad guys but I see the CPS as the voice for victims. I think people are surprised when they meet me that I’m not some faceless bureaucrat, I’m an ordinary human being and I’m on their side.”

The talk will be delivered in the lecture theatre / moot room of the new £8m Business, Law and Criminology building. To book a place, please email alumni@edgehill.ac.uk.