The Tragicall History of Dr Faustus

27th Apr 2009 - 7:30pm

The Arts Centre

Third Party Productions presents The Tragicall History of Dr Faustus – A Damned Fine Play.

Tickets £8.50 / £6.50 concessions.

All in the words of Christopher Marlowe but not necessarily in the right order.

Some of the most popular dramatic verse ever written and some splendid comedy to go with it; a touch of cabaret, dance, song and the dulcet tones of the ukulele; a touch of ventriloquism; smoke, mirrors and cheap tricks.

‘Third Party have a reputation for adapting the classics to a simple, visceral form and Faustus, with its magical overtones and Marlowe’s rich text is the perfect play for their style.’

‘Ballsy, devil may care … boldness at its best.’ Time Out, Critic’s Choice

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