Inaugural Lecture: Professor Anthony Grant

22nd Apr 2009, 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

Morris Swadesh and the Uses of Adversity

Anthony Grant is a professor of Historical Linguistics and Language Contact at Edge Hill University. With a strong interest is languages, Professor Grant has studied at a variety of languages, ranging from an extinct Native American language of Texas to agglutinated nominals in Creole French. His research interests include language contact and change, the languages of North America, pidgins, creoles, Romani and Austronesian languages of the Pacific and has presented numerous papers at conferences across the globe.

Professor Grant will talk about one of his greatest influences, Morris Swadesh, an American linguistic whose work helped shape much of the linguistics agenda in the last sixty years.

The lecture will be delivered in the £14 million state-of-the-art Faculty of Health building, situated on the University’s Ormskirk campus. The evening will begin with pre-lecture drinks at 5pm, followed by the lecture at 6pm and with refreshments at 7.15pm.

The lecture is part of Edge Hill University’s spring series of inaugural lectures, as new professors mark their appointment and the University showcases its academic talent.

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