Transnational Experiences Seminar Series: Media Coverage of Immigration in the Enlarged Europe

2nd Apr 2009 - 4:00pm

Edge Hill University

Transnational Experiences is a seminar series by the Media Department at Edge Hill University.

The series concludes with a seminar entitled “Spreading ‘the News’: Media Coverage of Immigration in the Enlarged Europe“. The seminar is led by Dr Ekaterina Balabanova from the University of Liverpool and Dr Alex Balch from University of Sheffield.

It is often said that media coverage of immigration is tainted by sensationalism, inaccuracy, nationalism, xenophobia and racism but there is very little in the way of systematic research to back up these claims.

Dr Ekaterina Balabanova’s paper introduces a pilot study for a larger project which systematically examines media coverage of immigration in the UK and Bulgaria, using content and discourse analysis and the latest software tools for text analysis. The project applies these techniques alongside theoretical frameworks related to understandings of immigration and policy.

The seminar represents a first step in a longer process and is designed to provide a platform for future work looking at the European media system, and the media-policy relationship in the context of both national and EU levels. The objectives here are:

  • To develop a method of analysis of the subject of immigration in newspaper articles that can operate across national boundaries;
  • To map media framing of immigration in Bulgaria and the UK
  • To build a series of hypotheses which will inform subsequent research.

The seminar starts at 4pm in CMIST7 at the Ormskirk Campus. Entry is free and all are welcome. For further information, contact Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu on 01695 584145 or email

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