Falling Apart At The Seams

29th Apr 2008 - 7:30pm

The Arts Centre

Falling Apart at the Seams is a quirky intricate dance theatre piece that focuses on two performers who take to the stage like gladiators of their long gone past yet both are in severe denial. Scathing wit, irony, black humour, cracking hip bones, dodgy lip synching, ropey phrase work and a constant urge to take centre spot light is the undercurrent of the piece.

The modern day Bette and Joan who not only let their hair down but also their mothers, their therapists and their old dance teachers.

A Baby(sham) lifestyle on a Lemonade budget. A lemonade performance with a Baby(sham) delusion!

Falling Apart at the Seams explores the theme of the ageing practitioner, ego, insecurity denial and destruction. The choreography and body twisting phrases are a darkly comedic assault on the dancing body, exploring irony, parody and dance languages of that of a distancing past.

More Canal than Chanel, more Morecambe than Monte Carlo, more river Douglas than Riviera, more chip board than Chippendale.

Performed by Mark Edward & Julia Griffin Plus special guest appearances. Mark Edward & Company with Falling Apart at the Seams were selected for British Dance Edition 2008.

Tickets £8.00 / £6.00 concessions.

Contact the Box Office on 01695 584480 for further information or visit www.edgehill.ac.uk/rosetheatre.