The Deadline

15th Apr 2008 - 7:30pm

The Arts Centre

Clown Noir? Be prepared for a dynamic celebration of Film Noir, thrillers, detective films, femme fatales and hard-boiled characters. Think ‘Raymond Chandler meets Laurel and Hardy’.

A postman delivers a parcel and discovers a dead body. From the cellar, he hears frenzied knocking and calls for help. He finds a woman, beautiful and beguiling. He is a clown, wide eyed and stupid. Seduced by her lies, he becomes lost in a maze-like plot only to emerge the prime suspect. Irreverent, moving, comic and heart breaking, The Deadline is clown theatre with an edge, conjuring a world that is both funny and deadly serious – where nothing is what it seems.

Clown Noir – A Comic Fantasy of Deceit, Double Cross and Murder.

For adults, but suitable for 11 years plus.

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