Some People

3rd Apr 2008, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

The Arts Centre

As the City of Liverpool celebrates its 800th birthday with a civic bash and looks forward to its year as European Capital of Culture, Danny and Frazer, two strays of middle age, hold their own celebration in a neglected park. Their presence is to be augmented by Marie; seasoned purveyor of sexual services, addicted to heroin and, less understandably, friend of the two men. The characters’ stories reflect a human condition that exists, to varying degrees, within us all.

The ‘underclass’ of the homeless, the addicted and the disaffected still exists beneath the veneer of a city’s polished image. Most people adapt to modern living, accepting and moulding themselves to the life of an ordered society. Some people don’t. Some people can’t. This play is about them.

This play contains scenes of a violent and sexual nature and has strong language throughout. Not suitable for children under 16.

Tickets £8.00 / £6.00 concessions.