Grow Your Own

3rd Apr 2008 - 8:00pm

Studio Theatre

Short Cuts is the North West’s newest film society.

Throughout the year, the Studio Theatre in Edge Hill University’s Centre for the Performing Arts will screen a diverse body of carefully selected films at a highly affordable price.

Posthumously named in honour of Robert Altman’s film of the same name, Short Cuts was formed by the Rose Theatre, the University’s Film Studies department and members of the local community.

A Season of Liverpool is a celebration of Liverpool’s status as European Capital of Culture.

Grow Your Own is a quirky and warm¬hearted British comedy with a host of well¬known British stars. A refugee family is given a plot of land in Liverpool to help rehabilitate their traumatised father. At first they are met with suspicion by those who have worked the gardens for years but eventually they are accepted by their united love of making things grow. The film will be introduced by Carl Hunter, co-producer and co-writer of Grow Your Own.

The performance starts at 8pm. The Studio Theatre seats 140 and the film is projected onto a seven meter wide screen, accompanied by a Stereo Sound System. Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis although tickets can be purchased in advance.

Membership is available, £12 per annual membership (£10 concessions) and then £2 on the door. The cost for non-members is £3.50 on the door. Contact the Box Office on 01695 584480 for further information or visit