Free Guest Lecture – Professor Raymond MacDonald

23rd Apr 2015, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Studio Theatre

St Roberts, Glasgow

What is human musicality and why it is important: Daniel Barenboim, Willie Wonka, Billy Connolly, Jazz Bastards and the Universality of Improvisation

This presentation outlines a number of different perspectives investigating the relationship between music and health while presenting evidence to support the assertion “We are all Musical”. Possible reasons relating to why music may have beneficial effects on health are explored; these include a discussion of social, cultural neurological, medical, developmental and education issues. The contrasting but related contributions of music therapy, community music and music education will be discussed and research examples will highlight various ways in which music and health can be studied. Different types of methodologies will be presented and here the emphasis will be on comparing and contrasting the ways in which we utilise quantitative and qualitative methodologies both separately and together. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the importance of improvisation.

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