Food Poverty – Changing the Story

14th Mar 2018, 12:00pm - 3:30pm

Tech Hub

Hunger is increasingly becoming a mode of existence in the UK. Over half a million UK children live in families unable to provide a minimally acceptable diet. Refusal of the UK Government to recognise the existence of, and address food poverty has also resulted in food aid becoming institutionalised in the UK.

A family’s ability to eat well has been impacted by a myriad of factors including: the economic crisis; the recession; severe cuts to public finances and welfare reforms (Lambie-Mumford 2015). Increased housing, fuel and food costs, in addition to static incomes have also added to this burden (Davies et al. 2014), resulting in a decrease in food expenditure; and substitution of fruit and vegetables for less expensive processed poor quality calorie dense food (Griffith, O’ Connell and Smith 2013).

Despite the political discourse on food poverty (Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty (Food Poverty Inquiry 2014), and the known detrimental impacts of food poverty on short and long term physical, emotional and mental health, the current government sees no relationship between its welfare reforms and the increase in food aid across the UK (Downing et al. 2014). Hence, there is no existing Government strategy in place to address food poverty or no future plans to develop such a strategy, despite the recognition that food aid provided by charitable and private organisations is limited and short term.

The purpose of this event is to invite organisations at a national and regional level who have a role to play in ensuring populations group are able to access healthy affordable food to discuss and debate solutions to address food poverty at a societal level.

Confirmed speakers: Dr John Cater, Vice Chancellor of Edge Hill University; Professor Martin Caraher, Professor of Food & Health Policy at the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London; Rosie Oglesby, Director of Feeding Britain; Dr Kathleen Mooney, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition & Health at Edge Hill University, Gerard Woodhouse, Labour Councillor for Liverpool County Ward & Food Bank Manager; and Robbie Davison, Director of Can Cook.


  • 12.00pm – Registration and Lunch*
  • 12.30pm – Start
  • 1.45pm – Break
  • 3.30pm – Close

*If you have any special dietary requirements please contact

Organised by the Department of Applied Health and Social Care, in association with Can Cook, and sponsored by I4P, this event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.