CLIS Seminar – Professor Rod Nicolson

7th Mar 2014, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education 1

Positive dyslexia: Science and synergies – Professor Rod Nicholson, University of Sheffield


‘Positive Dyslexia’ complements mainstream research on dyslexia-as-a-disability by focusing on the strengths of each dyslexic individual, and how these can be identified, targetted, developed and applied throughout life to achieve career fulfillment. It applies the principles, insights and tools of the six sciences – Dyslexia, Cognitive Neuroscience, Genetics, Positive Psychology, Andragogy and Work Psychology – behind Positive Dyslexia, and outlines a blueprint based on identification and celebration of individual differences. The stages of the blueprint involve: Identification (of the individual’s ‘personal best’ strengths; Inspiration (by dyslexic role models who have used these strengths); Acceleration (strength development); and Achievement (within a work setting and personal life). I believe that the new opportunities endowed by social media, apps, and social enterprise give us, for the first time, the opportunity to make a real difference by building Positive Psychology together. The talk should be of interest to anyone interested in careers, education, psychology or neuroscience.

Lunch is provided

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