Arts for Wellbeing – Intensive Weekend

14th Jun 2014, 10:00am - 15th Jun 2014, 4:00pm

Edge Hill University

Dance Therapy

The Kestenberg Movement Profile in Relationships – Professor Susan Loman, Antioch University, New England, USA

The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) is a complex instrument for describing, assessing and interpreting nonverbal behaviour. The KMP is movement based and employs a movement vocabulary. For practitioners who use movement as a language and a medium for diagnosis, treatment planning, intervention and interaction, the KMP is an excellent tool that integrates nonverbal behaviour with psychological theory and interpretation.

The language and psychological implications of body movement are difficult to describe clearly and communicate to others. The KMP is a comprehensive system of movement analysis, using its own vocabulary. As the KMP observes natural movement processes, not requiring the client to follow any specific instructions, it can be used with any population, verbal or nonverbal. The KMP outlines an individual’s level of developmental functioning, movement preferences (including strengths, potentialities and lacks), areas of psychological harmony and conflict, and ways of relating to others (historically and in the present).

This workshop will provide an overview of movement patterns catalogued in the KMP paying particular attention to the nonverbal relationship between infants and their carers.

This event is open to dance artists, dance educators, dance movement psychotherapists, other arts therapists and professionals with experience in movement and interest in the psychological meaning of developmental movement. Also, professionals working with children and families.

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