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Socio-political and economic prospects of Latin America


Tuesday 30 August 2022

1pm - 3pm



A close up of a globe focusing on South America

In case of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, the coming months will continue to show the consequences of the pandemic on socio-political life and economic recovery in the region. The adverse context has had an impact on migratory restrictions, border closure and organised crime.

The recent political swings towards left wing governments in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and, very likely, Brazil, will put a pressure on the US policies towards the region. Mexico has been leading an increasingly competitive agenda in relation to the US policies despite strong economic links and bilateral agenda. Mexico’s economic recovery is dependable on the reactivation of the US economy. 

The talk will shine a light on the presence of extracontinental powers, such as China becoming the main economic partner of many regional economies in trade and investments.

New inflationary trends in the US and Mexico have been fuelled in part by the war in Ukraine, which has impacted diverse global markets such as energy (oil and gas), stock markets, transportation, and logistics, some of which had already been impacted since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. 

Bernardo Méndez Lugo profile picture

About Bernardo Méndez Lugo

Bernardo Méndez Lugo is a retired Mexican career diplomat and executive director of pro-migrant foundation ‘America Sin Muros’ (America Without Walls), a non-profit association based in Mexico City. He holds a MPhil in Development Studies from University of Sussex, UK.

  • Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco, Media, NGO’s, Trade and Business Promotion (August 2001-October 2006).
  • Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta, Press Attaché, and Academic Liaison (June 1996-July 2001).
  • Press Attaché, Consulate General of Mexico in Montreal, Canada (April 1992 -January 1993)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), (February 1993-May1996), Head of Press and Public Relations Department at the Program for Mexicans living Abroad
  • Adviser and new member of the Mexican Foreign Service by National Examination, SRE (September 1990-March 1992)
  • Full Time Associate Professor at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, Social Science Division (1974-1990).

Recording of the lecture

The socio-political and economic prospects of Latin America lecture has been recorded and can be viewed via the below link.

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