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Good Society: What makes good work with women seeking refuge and asylum?

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Monday 5 December 2022

5.30pm - 7pm




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Institute for Social Responsibility

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At ISR’s latest Good Society event, Ciiku Sondergaard will discuss good practice working alongside refugees and asylum seekers. She will share what is working for her and her colleagues at 4Wings, including the importance of lived experience and working collaboratively.

Ciiku is 4Wings’ Co-founder and Programme Director whose academic background includes studies in Sociology, Criminology and Communication (University of Liverpool). She has trained in Personal Development Coaching, Education and Training, Mindfulness, Family + Community Mediation and Mental Health Advocacy. Ciiku has over 10 years experience facilitating and delivering personal development workshops. One of the programmes she has designed and delivered is the WINGS Empowerment Programme- a ‘next steps’ forward-facing personal development course that inspires participants, many of who have traumatic pasts, to discover their own strengths and reclaim ownership of their life’s journey. Her personal experience was her drive to found 4Wings after she identified a gap in the aftercare service of abuse victims that led to many being revictimised.

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