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Art as a Weapon: Some Pan-Africanist Examples

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Tuesday 25 October 2022




Business School




Black History Month

Headshot of Tayo Aluko

We are excited to welcome Tayo Aluko, writer, singer, actor and producer on to campus as part of our Black History Month celebrations. Tayo Aluko’s talk is a survey of artists from the African Diaspora past an present who use(d) their arts in the fight against oppression and white supremacy. The presentation will include slides, some video, and some live performance by Mr Aluko himself.

Aluko arrived in Liverpool in 1989 to complete his studies in Architecture at Liverpool University. Always a stage performer on the side, he worked as an architect until 2009, by which time he had written and started performing his first one man play. That play, titled CALL MR ROBESON, is about the life of the actor, singer and activist Paul Robeson, and has taken him as far afield as the North West Territories of Canada and Australia and New Zealand, and to New York’s Carnegie Hall. A second play, JUST AN ORDINARY LAWYER, deals with Black liberation struggles worldwide, and has also been performed on three continents. He has initiated an international project titled MAPPING “GREATNESS,” in which people of the Global Majority worldwide film themselves performing his poem GREATNESS IN A TIME OF COVID in many languages, as a response to Imperialism and the global pandemic.

Since Covid, he has ventured into screen acting, which included an episode of Jimmy McGovern’s MOVING ON. He continues to write drama which demonstrates how Black History is everybody’s history, every day of every year, and is a history of resistance, resilience and triumph. One of his current projects is a screenplay about Pastor Daniels Ekarte, a Nigerian who set up and ran the African Churches Mission in Liverpool in the middle of the last century.

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