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Ageing Better with an active mind

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Saturday 11 February 2023

10am - 2pm




Arts Centre


Institute for Social Responsibility

a black chalk board with a drawing of a head and brain in white chalk, a hand is rubbing out the picture

Ageing better with an active mind” is an exciting project focused on fundamental health issues confronting our society. This project was created to address the disconnection between national advice on healthy ageing and practice in Lancashire and Merseyside where the elderly population with dementia is higher than the national average. This project is a co-creation with u3a Aughton and Ormskirk, and our aim is to raise the awareness of the importance of healthy ageing.

The project will culminate with a showcase event on Saturday 11 February. We will hear from a number of experts who will discuss healthy ageing and memory, in addition dance performances by Hard-Wired project by James Hewison, Senior Lecturer – Dance Edge Hill University

The speakers


10 -10:30am – Welcome and refreshments
10:30am – Opening ceremony
10:45am – Talks from guest speakers
12pm – Free lunch
13:30pm – Dance performances

Ageing better with an active mind participant quotes:

“I think each of the three workshops had something to offer but we haven’t really talked about before, I know dementia is the big one at the moment but there are so many branches of it and I is the awareness of that disease, how it can affect you and how we can recognise this. So we have to do something about it more in an early stage instead of letting it progress.”

Alan Buckley at u3a

“It was interesting to focus on something which is already close to our hearts, I was absolutely amazed to find the link between physical activity and mental activity”

Sue Buckley at u3a
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For more information regarding this event, please contact Dr Dorothy Tse, Senior Lecturer in Psychology