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97 + (for schools)

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Date & time

Wednesday 12 October 2022

12.30pm - 1.30pm




The Rose Theatre


Arts Centre


97 + (for schools)

Wednesday 12 October 12:30pm
Tom Cain Theatre presents
97 +

Free and only for schools and colleges – contact [email protected] to book

EHU Graduate Tom Cain returns with ‘97+’, based on the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster were severe injuries lead to 97 lives lost. Set in 2012, haunted by their memories, Hillsborough Survivors John and Steve, each deal with the trauma they suffered as young boys now as middle-aged men. John bottles up his emotions and only exposes these to his partner, Liz, as he regularly suffers from night terrors but avoids seeking treatment from the doctors. Opposed to Steve, who is in and out of hospital suffering from his multiple mental health issues where he is looked after by nurse Nancy, who appears to be the only person he sees as a friend. That is until he meets John, who’s charity pot in his newsagents sparks a conversation between the pair about their shared experiences. Despite countless setbacks, the Hillsborough Survivors continue their fight for justice.

Starring Colin Kilbride, Leslie Longley, Julie McCabe and Alice Mckillop.

“10/10 Perfect – Possibly the most powerful theatre show I’ve ever seen.” – Writebase

Duration: 1hr approx.

Audience type

School students, schools and colleges
Graphic for JFT97. It includes the Liverpool Football Club logo and the '97' is made up of all the names of those who passed at Hillsborough