The Evidence-based Practice Research Centre (EPRC) comprises a multi-professional team working in two thematic areas of programmatic research:

1. Supporting Care

    Work in this theme responds to current national and international agendas and includes supporting care practices for people with long term conditions (including end of life care). These include best practices regarding incontinence management, care and support for cancer patients and those with neurological conditions. For example one of our key achievements has been the development of work relating to the support of carers. Children and young people also feature in this theme including long term conditions, transitions in to adult services and end of life care. We also have a growing stream of work around supporting children undergoing medical procedures.

2. Improving Professional Practice through Education

Our second theme of work focuses on addressing national challenges resulting in a programme of research which aims to provide the evidence for to inform curriculum planning and delivery. This ensures staff are equipped to meet the changing face of health care and meet the needs of society. This has resulted in a strand of work that aims to address this need and therefore to ensure the preparation of the workforce. Work in this theme includes: identifying factors that influence medical and dental career options; identification of best evidence for medical education in the use of simulation; preparation for effective communication in end of life care and exploring the areas of compassion and patient safety. Similarly we are currently undertaking an investigation of Specialist Trainees’ perceptions of being a leader in clinical practice. This aims to contribute to the evidence base of effective clinical leadership

The overall goal is to translate our findings to impact on clinical care thereby making a difference to policies, guidelines, service development and ultimately to improve the health and wellbeing of all.