Writing her own future

Shannon Eden

In her role as Assistant Editor at Thomson Reuters, Shannon Eden has found that she’s not only able to draw on the skills she learnt on her Creative Writing course, but finds that her job is also having a positive impact on her own writing.

The importance of networking


To succeed in the creative arts, it’s not enough simply to complete a degree in the area of your practice. You must be willing to get out into the world, make contacts, and find opportunities to develop your art in real-life contexts.

Making history

Karen Van Ecker

Like many History students, Karen Van Eker came to university aspiring to become a History teacher and, after graduating with excellent grades, won a highly sought after place on Edge Hill’s PGCE programme.

Kings of comedy

Kings of Comedy

Far from being the humourless, dour puritans of popular imagination, the Victorians were actually prolific jokers, according to pioneering research by Edge Hill History lecturer, Dr Bob Nicholson.

Internships give Harriet the edge

Harriet Hirshman

Harriet Hirshman started her undergraduate degree knowing little more than that she wanted to write, and left with an ambition to be a short story author while pursuing a career in publishing.

History in action

Jack Lloyd

With graduate employers increasingly looking beyond qualifications for evidence of workplace experience, the History Department launched a new module to give its students the best chance possible in a highly competitive job market.

Fine print

EHU Press

The University’s literary imprint, Edge Hill University Press (EHUP), gives students an authentic taste of working in the publishing industry, while developing the skills they need to impress future employers.

Creating opportunities

Bill Bulloch

Since graduating, Bill Bulloch has worked hard to keep his creative momentum going and use the skills he learnt on his course in a practical and employable way.

Civil writes

Liam McMahon

One of the biggest challenges of any aspiring writer is balancing the need to write and the desire to live a comfortable life.

A passion for HR

Emily Forbes

Emily knew she wanted a career in HR but felt her English degree was too broad to give her the specific skills she needed for her chosen field.