Professor James Renton

Professor of History & Director, ICR.

Department of English, History & Creative Writing


I am interested in the history of race, empire, and anti-colonial nationalism. My research and teaching focus on western Europe, Asia, and north Africa, from the 16th century to the present, especially in relation to the British and French empires, and their postcolonial afterlives. I am the founding Director of the International Centre on Racism (2019-).

I have a strong interest in bridging the gap between academic research and wider society, including civil society organisations, policymakers, and the general public. In that connection, I am the Academic Advisor at MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism, the world’s first online magazine dedicated to bringing research insights to these communities, which is based at the European University Institute.

For my PhD, I had the great fortune to study under Michael Berkowitz at University College London, in the magnificent Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, chaired by the late Professor John Klier and Professor Ada Rapoport Albert . I spent the final year of my doctoral studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and later returned to UCL as a Hanadiv postdoctoral fellow before I moved to Edge Hill in 2007.

During the last decade, my research has focused on two interconnected large-scale projects: ‘Race in Europe over the longue durée, from the Crusades to the 21st Century’, and ‘The Middle East: The Rise and Fall of an Idea’. The first of these was a collaborative project, which put forward a new transnational relational approach to the history of racisms in Europe, focused on antisemitism and Islamophobia, over the last millennium. The research showed the importance of examining both continuity and change in racisms transnationally over centuries, across shifting political, cultural and intellectual contexts, particularly in reference to religion, empire, the postcolonial, and the War on Terror. The project resulted in the publication of two edited collections, Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe: A Shared Story? (Palgrave Macmillan 2017), co-edited with Ben Gidley, and Islamophobia and Surveillance: Genealogies of a Global Order (Routledge 2019), along with a journal special issue on ‘Jean Bodin and the Sovereignty of Exclusion’ for Political Theology (2020), co-edited with Anya Topolski. Each of these publications has benefited from collaborations with scholars in a wide range of disciplines: history (ancient, medieval, and modern), anthropology, sociology, philosophy, comparative literature, and theatre studies.

My project on the idea of the Middle East is a major intervention in the history of Orientalism, and the political relationship between Europe and Western Asia. Focused on the British and French empires’ attempt to re-invent the region as the ‘Middle East’ during and after the First World War, the research puts forward a new explanation of the systemic violence and conflict that has haunted post-Ottoman western Asia. I contend that after the fall of the Ottomans, Western Europe and Western Asia constituted a single political system defined by a clash of colonial and post-colonial conceptions of sovereignty. In turn, this dysfunctional political system is rooted, I argue, in Western European ideas of religion, race, and sovereignty that date back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Parts of this research have been published in The Historical Journal, The International History Review, and Ethnic and Racial Studies. For this project, I was awarded an Early Career Fellowship by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (2012-2013), and a Jean Monnet Fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence (2016-2017).

Outside of the academic world, I have featured in international press including Ha’aretztaz die tageszeitung, Deutsche Welle, and Jüdische Allgemeine. On television and radio, I have been in programmes on BBC Radio 4, Al Jazeera International, the Yesterday Channel and Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, President-Elect of the British Association for Jewish Studies (2022-2023), and a member of the Northern UK Jewish Studies Partnership.

PhD students:

Travis Frain, ‘Paradox in practice? A critical assessment of Anglo-American foreign policy towards Islamist Extremism, 1976-1990.’

Elena Ghiggino, ‘Black Disabled Britons in the Late Georgian Period.’

Tabassum Hameed, PhD student, Director of Studies, ‘South Asian Participation in British Politics Before 1950.’

‘Minorities, xenophobia, and the state in provincial Lancashire, 1918-1926.’


My teaching currently focuses on the end of the colonial order, race, antisemitism, Orientalism, and the origins of the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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