Prof Anthony Grant

Professor of Historical Linguistics and Language

Department of English, History & Creative Writing


I have been lecturing at Edge Hill University since September 2003, teaching modules including the History & Development of the English Language, the Language of Shakespeare, Structure and Usage of Modern English, and Beyond English.

Before coming to Edge Hill, I had a diverse academic career. I was born and educated in the polyglot city of Bradford, and did mostly classical subjects at school. My first degree in Language and Linguistics (including some Swedish, Old English, Old Norse and Hindi) was at the University of York, but my MPhil (on an extinct Native American language of Texas) and PhD (on Agglutinated Nominals in Creole French) were gained at the University of Bradford, where I also taught Linguistics and Russian structure and phonology, and conducted post-doctoral comparative research on Spanish-lexifier creoles. In 1996 I taught for two years at the University of St Andrews, again mostly presenting linguistic subjects, including (among others) Language, Culture and Ideology, Human and Animal Communication and Britain’s first ever module on Native North American languages. This was followed by a year at the University of Southampton (Syntax, Psycholinguistics and French Phonology), with subsequent time spent, principally in research, at the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield.

I am on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, and have published articles and reviews (in English, Spanish, German and Bulgarian) in numerous linguistic journals. My research interests include issues in language contact, the languages of Native America, Romani, pidgins and creoles, and developments in historical linguistics. I have edited or co-edited five books (four of which are linguistics) and over 150 articles, chapters and reviews. I am also editor of the Oxford Handbook of Language Contact (forthcoming) and of the bibliography for Penutian languages on Oxford Online Bibligoraphies. I have also presented papers in locations as far-flung as California, Sydney, Cayenne and Ormskirk.

Research Interests

  • Descriptive Linguistics
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Language Contact
  • Romani
  • Native North American and Austronesian Languages
  • Documentary Linguistics

I would be interested in supervising PhDs and MRes dissertations on these topics.


  • BA Hons Language and Linguistics, University of York, 1984
  • MPHil,  Linguistics, University of Bradford, 1991
  • PhD, Linguistics, University of Bradford, 1995


I teach on the following modules: LNG2116 The History and Development of English, LNG2123 Modern English Structure and Usage, LNG2118 The Language of Shakespeare and His Time, LNG2122 Phonetics and Phonology, LNG3124 Beyond English and LNG3130 English in Contact.  I also run LNG3129 Undergraduate Language Dissertation and teach on HUM4013 Hearts of Darkness.


Books, chapters and articles since 2000

  • Grant, A. P. 2013.  Chinuk Wawa.  Survey of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures, edited by Susanne Maria Michaelis, Philippe Maurer, Magnus Hiber and Martin Haspelmath,  volume iii, 147-155. Oxford: OUP.
  • Grant, A. (2012) Bound morphology in English (and beyond): copy or cognate? In: Johanson, L. and Robbeets, M. (eds). Copies versus cognates in bound morphology. Brill, Leiden, pp. 99-122. ISBN 9789004224070
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  • Grant, A. (2012) Processes of grammaticalisation and ‘borrowing the unborrowable’: contact-induced change and the integration and grammaticalisation of borrowed terms for some core grammatical construction types. In: Wiemer, B., Walchli, B. and Hansen, B. (eds). Grammatical Replication and Borrowability in Language Contact. De Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 191-232. ISBN 9783110271973
  • Grant, A. P. (2012) Contact, convergence, and conjunctions: a cross-linguistic study of borrowing correlations among certain kinds of discourse, phasal adverbial, and dependent clause markers. In: Chamoreau, C. and Leglise, I. (eds). Dynamics of Contact-Induced Language Change. De Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 311-358. ISBN 9783110271430 DOI 10.1515/9783110271430
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