Patrick Soulsby

Graduate Teaching Assistant & Doctoral Candidate in History

Department of English, History & Creative Writing

I joined Edge Hill University in September 2016. I was previously an undergraduate at the University of St Andrews before completing an MSc with Distinction in Contemporary History from the University of Edinburgh.

Having laid the foundations for future research with my MSc dissertation on Searchlight magazine and British anti-racism c. 1975-2000, my PhD thesis is examining British and French anti-racist movements from ‘the ’68 years’ to the early twenty-first century. Specifically, I will be exploring the extent to which the legacies of the Holocaust and European colonialism informed anti-racist memory culture and influenced activism against contemporary racism.

Ever since reading the late Tony Judt’s Postwar as an undergraduate, I have been fascinated by his conceptualisation of ‘the new moral geography of politics’ that emerged in the aftermath of the political and intellectual tumult of the 1960s. Indeed, my interest in anti-racism stems from a much broader preoccupation with the transformation of political culture that took place in Western European democracies in the post-’68 period and the rise of the ‘politics of identity’. Coupled with the uncertainty engendered by decolonisation, the economic stagnation of the 1970s and the collapse of old ideological certainties, I am especially interested in the extent to which this led to a profound ‘redrawing’ of the boundaries of political culture and language in the late twentieth century.

As well as working on my PhD thesis, I am also teaching and leading seminars on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American history, particularly on foreign policy and the history of slavery.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also carry out administrative duties for the Ethnicity, Race and Racism Seminar series (ErRS).

 Research Interests:

  • Twentieth-century European History (particularly French and British history).
  • Political history and the history of political culture.
  • The politics of memory in post-war Europe.
  • Decolonisation and post-colonialism in France and Britain.
  • Post-war European intellectuals and intellectual life.
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