Dr Nicky Tsougarakis

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Department of English, History and Creative Writing


Nicky is a historian of the late Middle Ages. He studied for his MA and PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds, where he wrote a thesis on the Latin monastic orders in medieval Greece. After completing his PhD, he taught Medieval Latin at Leeds and, later, Medieval Palaeography at the University of Kent, before obtaining a lectureship at Edge Hill University.

Nicky’s particular area of expertise is the Greco-Latin world in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade. He is especially interested in the transplantation of religious institutions from the Latin West to the Byzantine East and the interaction between the Greek and Latin cultures in the frontier society of medieval Greece.

His revised doctoral thesis was published by Brepols in 2012 under the title The Latin Religious Orders in Medieval Greece, 1204-1500 and he is co-editor of A Companion to Latin Greece (Brill, 2015).


  • HIS1010: The Medieval Outlook
  • HIS1011: The Dawn of Modernity
  • HIS1012: Europe Re-made
  • HIS1013: Imperialism, Liberation and Globalisation
  • HIS1016: Time Detectives
  • HIS1017: History & Society
  • MED2258: History on Screen



Edited Volume

  • A Companion to Latin Greece (Brill, 2014), [co-edited with Peter Lock]

Articles and Chapters

  • ‘The Documents of Dominicus Grimani, Notary in Candia (1356-1357)’, Dumbarton Oaks Papers 67 (2013), 227-89
  • ‘On the Frontier of the Orthodox and Latin World: Religious Patronage in Medieval Frankish Greece’, in Monasteries on the Borders of Medieval Europe: Conflict and Cultural Interaction, ed. E. Jamroziak and K. Stöber (Brepols, 2013), pp. 193-210
  • ‘Prisons and Incarceration in Fourteenth-Century Venetian Crete’, Mediterranean Historical Review 29 (2014), 29-55
  • ‘Of Burning Monks, Unidentified Churches and the Last Cistercian Foundation in the East: Our Lady of Camina in the Principality of Achaia’, Journal of Medieval History 41 (2015), 60-87 [co-authored with Chris Schabel]
  • ‘Pope Innocent III, the Fourth Lateran Council and Frankish Greece and Cyprus’, Journal of Ecclesiastical History 67 (2016), 741-59 [co-authored with Chris Schabel]
  • ‘Heretical Networks Between East and West: The Case of the Fraticelli’ Journal of Medieval History 45 (2019)
  • Forthcoming: ‘Perceptions of the Greek Clergy and Rite in Late Medieval Pilgrimage Accounts to the Holy Land’, in Byzantium and the West: Perception and Reality, ed. N. Chrissis, A. Kolia-Dermitzaki and A. Papageorgiou (Routledge)
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