Dr Karen Ludke

Senior Lecturer in English Language and International Co-ordinator

Department of English, History & Creative Writing


As a Senior Lecturer in English Language, my main teaching interests are first and second language learning, bilingualism and psycholinguistics. I teach on English Language modules at every level, as well as leading the level 5 module on first language development, and the level 6 module about psycholinguistics. I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

My research and publications focus on the inclusion of the arts to support language learning, particularly through musical activities and singing. My published work describes experimental studies designed to teach words and phrases in a new language, including through the comparison of three ‘listen-and-repeat’ learning conditions: speaking, rhythmic speaking and singing. In addition, I have developed pedagogical resources and articles for teachers about the European Music Portfolio – A Creative Way into Languages project.

I am also the International Co-ordinator for English students within the department and I am happy to speak to students who are considering ERASMUS+ study abroad opportunities.

I am interested to hear proposals from potential MRes. and PhD students interested in conducting interdisciplinary research, particularly projects that combine language learning with the arts and music.


  • PhD, University of Edinburgh, 2010
  • MScRes, University of Edinburgh, 2006
  • BA in English and French, University of Michigan, 2002


  • Child language development
  • Foreign and second language education and bilingualism
  • Integrating music and singing into the language curriculum
  • Teacher education and knowledge exchange
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Psychology of music


Current teaching as module leader for:

  • LNG1020 Language, Mind & Communication
  • LNG2139 Child Language Development
  • LNG3133 Psycholinguistics
  • LNG3148 English Language Dissertation


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