Dr Bob Nicholson

Reader in Public History and Digital Humanities

Department of English, History & Creative Writing


I’m a public historian who specialises in the history of nineteenth-century popular culture. My research covers a broad range of topics, including the histories of popular entertainment, humour, gender, sport, print culture, and transatlantic relations. I am also a keen exponent of the digital humanities and have published widely on digital research methods.

I trained at the University of Manchester where I completed a BA in History (2007), MA in Victorian Studies (2008), and an AHRC-funded PhD exploring the role played by newspapers in shaping Victorian ideas about the United States (2012). While finishing my doctoral project I obtained a 6 month lectureship at Swansea University before joining Edge Hill in the summer of 2012.

My research has been published in a range of academic books and journals, including the Journal of Victorian CultureMedia HistoryVictorian Periodicals Review, and 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Nineteenth Century. I am currently co-editing a major, three volume series of edited collections titled 19th Century Women in Power that will be published by Bloomsbury between 2023-2025.

I am particularly passionate about sharing my research with public audiences. I regularly post archival discoveries and new research on twitter (@DigiVictorian) and also run a an account dedicated to sharing my research on @VictorianHumour. I’ve written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, and History Today and presented stories based on my research for BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, and Channel 5.

I teach across the BA History degree programme at Edge Hill and I am also the Programme Leader for the MA in Nineteenth Century Studies. In particular, I am responsible for leading modules on Victorian journalism, the history of crime in 18th and 19th century England, and the practice of public history. My teaching methods make particularly extensive use of digital tools and archives and my modules are all designed to encourage students to use these resources in the pursuit of original historical research. I supervise BA and MA dissertations on subjects relating to nineteenth-century social and cultural history.

I am currently Director of Studies for three PhD students, both of whom are working on the history of nineteenth-century journalism. If you are interested in pursuing MA or PhD research linked to any of the topics outlined above, then please feel free to get in touch.


  • PhD History, University of Manchester, 2012.
  • MA Victorian Studies, University of Manchester, 2008.
  • BA History, University of Manchester, 2007.


  • HIS1016 Time Detectives
  • HIS2032 Digital Detectives
  • HIS2035 Making History
  • HIS3038 Special Subject: The History of Journalism
  • LIT4000 Research Skills
  • LIT4003 Entertaining the Victorians


Forthcoming Publications 

  • Fern Riddell, Bob Nicholson, and Emma Butcher (eds.), 19th Century Women in Power Vol 1 — Bodies: Female Agency, Identity, and Sex in the 19th Century. (Bloomsbury, 2023)
  • Bob Nicholson, Fern Riddell, and Emma Butcher (eds.), 19th Century Women in Power Vol 2 — Defiance: Activism, Agency, and Resisting Authority in the 19th Century. (Bloomsbury, 2024)
  • Emma Butcher, Fern Riddell, and Bob Nicholson (eds.), 19th Century Women in Power Vol 3 — Trailblazers: Women, Work and Public Life in the 19th Century. (Bloomsbury, 2025)


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